Leaving it out of their country formulas

Our activities are by force shown in several other lines of development.

And in the usage of the forces of Nature, especially in the development of this nation. We, although young in years, have actually become the best railroad builders in the background, and also have actually put into use mechanical devices like the farmer country, the sewing maker, the telephone, the cordless telegraph, as well as practically numberless applications of electricity.

Ships have actually been constructed of late years greatly departing from those quickly preceding them. To make sure that at today’s time they could be compared to drifting cities with nearly all a city’s.

Eases and conveniences. We have actually eliminated the previous isolation of the biggest city in the country.

And have made it a part of the primary land by the building of tunnels as well as bridges. In all our job it could be stated that we are hastening. With feverish power, from one problem to another, for the so-called function of conserving time. Or for the pleasure of some new sensation; and we have likewise made possible the development of that which may be deemed of doubtful benefit. To the human race, that big corporation, the modern city.

There has been no hesitancy in facing the issues of Nature by designers. But they appear to be unassertive and uncaring of human nature in their estimations. Leaving it out of their country formulas. Substantially to their own detriment and the world’s loss. We can say that matters beyond the understood are not our problem, and also we can look with pride at our private success.

As well as naturally if this satisfies, there is nothing even more to be said. But it is since I feel that engineers of today are not pleased with their placement, that I wonder whether we have either satisfied our commitments to the area or secured appropriate acknowledgment from it; whether, actually, the designer can end up being the force that he ought to be, till he brings something into his formulas besides icy figures, nevertheless diverting an occupation this may be.